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People trust us because of the honest and ethical way we do business. We passionately believe in our duty to do the right thing by our clients, that delivering on their expectations is more important than anything else we do.

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Rocksense Inti Gemilang

About Us

PT Rocksense Inti Gemilang (PT R.I.G) is a geotechnical, geoscience, and survey consultancy established in November 2015 to serve the needs of the earth science fraternity.

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Our locations and contact information for Rocksense Inti Gemilang office in Bandung Indonesia.

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Geotechnical Investigation Indonesia

Geotechnical Investigation

We provide the real needs of site investigation tools to support characterization of the ground conditions and determination of ground risk factors for projects anywhere in the world.

Geological Survey Indonesia

Geological Survey

At R.I.G, our exploration consultants have experience in mapping and the utilisation of drilling information in a variety of commodities and geological settings.
Geophysical Survey Indonesia

Geophysical Survey

R.I.G supports your exploration, construction and development activities with survey services in all.
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Airborne Survey

Our company produces high-quality topographic surveys using our acquisition techniques by drone.
Hydrogeology and Water Well Services Indonesia

Hydrogeology And Water Well Services

R.I.G provides consulting service in hydrology, water resource evaluation, development, planning and management,and in related topics either directly to a client or in collaboration with other companies or organizations.

Topographic Survey Indonesia

Topographic Survey

Full range of survey services offered from start to finish including initial topographic mapping through to design, setting out & construction control, monitoring and ”as built”.

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Our Experience

  • Soldier Pile for Landslide Protection

    Buana Flaminggo
    Cimahi, West Java, 2020
  • Pumping Test For Masterplan of Sustainable Raw Water Supply System

    Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd
    Indramayu, West Java, 2020
  • Groundwater Potential Mapping and Modelling

    MNC Theme Park
    Lido, West Java, 2020
  • Bathymetric Survey and Geotechnical Investigation for Warnasari Port Feasibility Study

    Daeyoung Engineering
    Warnasari, Cilegon, West Java, 2020
  • Infiltration Well Drilling and Develompent

    PT. Georg Fischer Indonesia
    Klari, East Karawang, West Java, 2020
  • Deep Waterwell Drilling and Development

    Hotel Amaris Tasik
    Tasikmalaya, West Java, 2020
  • Deep Waterwell Drilling and development for 2 Deep Well

    PT. Talaga Unggas Bahagia
    Majalengka, West Java, 2020
  • Deep Waterwell Drilling and Development

    PT. Teknotama Lingkungan Internusa
    Majalengka, West Java, 2020
  • Deep Waterwell Drilling and Development Sumur 1 & 2

    PT. Buana Kassiti
    Cimahi, West Java, 2020
  • Geological Mapping And Modelling for Andesite Mining Potential

    PT. Buana propertindo
    Manado, North Sulawesi, 2020
  • UAV Survey and Soil Investigation for Slope Stability Analysis

    Sarulla Operations Limited
    Sarulla, Tapanuli Utara, North Sumatera, 2019
  • Topographic Survey for Land Acquisition Map

    PT. Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia
    Sokoria Ende, East Nusa Tenggara, 2019
  • As-Built Survey for Factory Acquisition

    PT. Artha Metal Sinergi
    Cikane, West Java, 2019
  • Topographic Survey Sky Bridge Preliminary Design

    The Lodge Maribaya
    Bandung, West Java, 2019
  • Topographic, GPR And ERT Survei for Settlement Identification and Coal Volume Calculation

    PLTU Cirebon Power Services
    Cirebon, West Java, 2019
  • Geological Mapping for Mining Potential

    PT. Buana Krida Alam Sejahtera
    Seram Island, 2018
  • Deep Water Well Drilling and Development

    PT. Kurnia Karya Sejahtera (Kurnia Land)
    Bintan Island, 2018
  • UAV Survei for Steel Mill Plan

    PT. Artha Metal Sinergy
    Karawang, West Java, 2018
  • Soldier Pile for Landslide Protection Phase II

    Buana Cicalengka Raya
    Cicalengka, West Java, 2018
  • Earthwork and Construction Monitoring for Fairy Garden

    The Lodge Maribaya
    Maribaya, Bandung, West Java, 2018